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Lindy Soffer is a Chicago based artist from St. Louis Missouri. She will graduated from DePaul University with her BA in Art, Media and Design in June, of 2018. Lindy spent a semester studying photography in Prague at Anglo-American University. Her professional practices seek to answer questions regarding what conceptual photography means in Contemporary Art. Technical photography and the implications of imagery have guided Lindy’s art-making since the first time she watched a photo ‘magically’ appear in a developing tray at a young age. Image sharing is happening on the screen and this over-saturation of images consumers are faced with both digitally and lining the physical streets of cities all over the world seem to dilute the essence of photography. Lindy Soffer uses ultra slow analogue processes; whether that be 4x5 large format portraits or exposing her “3-D” negatives onto cyanotypes in natural sun light, the emphasis on slow image making is how she counteracts the heavy vibration of images audiences see while scrolling.  This exploration takes place via experimentation with analog and digital media. There is an importance placed on the object-ness of a photograph as an artifact in Lindy’s work. She is classically trained in large format portraiture, darkroom photography, drawing, sculptor and digital mediums. She uses this technical knowledge to aid in her conceptual exploration. Her practices are influenced by the history of photography.


Her influences include Susan Sontag, Francesca Woodman, Jeff Wall, Barbara Kasten, Lindsey French, Ian Bogost, James Turrell and Constantin Brancusi.

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